Training & Maintaining

If you’re thinking that I’m talking about weight loss while training and that I’m concerned that the weight is just falling off and I’m trying to figure out how to only maintain and not drop, then just stop thinking, because that is nothing at all what this is about.

A typical schedule for me is between one and two hours of workouts on Monday through Thursday (with Tuesday being kind of a rest day because I only play volleyball). Friday is a full on rest day. To put it bluntly, I don’t do SHIT on Friday! Saturday and Sunday are horrifically brutal workouts. Those are the two days where I do my long runs and long bikes because I have a full day to get it in. I also do my swim on one or the other of those days, depending on time allowance.

During my scheduled workout days I try to get in three bikes and two runs one week; and three runs and two bikes the next – with one bike and run being long ones. I also squeeze in two strength training days and one swim day. I can see you doing the math in your head that with five workout days, there are more than five workouts being done. If you’re super good at math, you’ve figured out that on some days I do two workouts in a day. AND on top of that I do at least 20 minutes of yoga every day, even on my rest days.

And now I’m exhausted talking about it.

With all this going on right now and ELEVEN weeks to go before my big race, you’ve probably guessed that there are balls that I juggle that are rapidly falling to the ground. You’d be right. The priority has been my race training first, my grandson second, my weekend off the grid third. And in that priority list you will not find house maintenance. Good lord, if you’re allergic to dust, cats, dogs, and/or pollen you’d probably better not come to my house right now.

Yesterday, even though it was mother’s day, I got home from off the grid knowing that I needed to get to the pool and then get in a 30 mile bike ride. I walked out onto the deck to sit in the sun for a minute and went, Oh man. I have GOT to get this thing water proofed/treated before the heat of summer hits!!

That’s when I begin mentally juggling those balls and wondering what was going to give. Wondering how to maintain my house and still be physically and mentally prepared for my race. I visualized my training plan and realized that my rest week is not this coming up week, but the following week. I remember that I skipped my last rest week because I had only done half of my workouts for the week prior to my scheduled rest week, so I’m kind of due for a rest week. So if I take Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off my workouts this week (yesterday, today, and tomorrow), then I can get the deck power washed (one day event) and sealed (two day event) before it’s scheduled to rain on Wednesday and for the rest of the week. If I do this, then I can get half my workouts in for the week, really focus on my workouts for the first half of next week, and then take my last half of week off for the last half of my rest week. Does splitting up a rest week like that count as a rest week?

Juggle, juggle, juggle.

So I put off my training so I that I can get some maintaining done. Then I’ll put off maintaining so that I can get some training done. It’s been the story of my life, not just this year while I’m working towards something big, but for pretty much my whole adult life. I’m constantly juggling and adjusting and changing this and that and trying to keep up in the crazy world in which I live.

I know that I’m not the only one who has to figure out keeping house while still working out. How on earth do you do it? Hell, how did I do it when I had KIDS living at home? Where do you place your priorities? How do you do it all? Because you know, I should be able to do it all!


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