When Hospitals F*ck Up

With the amount of money that I pay for insurance premiums and deductibles, I expect the royal treatment if I ever have to take advantage of having insurance. This has NOT been the case with my last two experiences with a hospital that shall remain unnamed (but if I were to name names it would … Continue reading When Hospitals F*ck Up

Progress Q1 – Final

Well. The quarter has officially ended. It's clear from the data that I have slacked off a bit. I'm kind of OK with it. At least for today. Tomorrow I may go on a self loathing tirade about how sluggish I am being, but for today.... I am OK with not hitting the exact mark … Continue reading Progress Q1 – Final

Care Less

I posted a funny little article on CareBear's wall last week and prefaced it with "This is the stage of life we're in." I find that as I get older I care much less about what people think of me. I speak my mind more. I become more comfortable in my skin. I'm more accepting … Continue reading Care Less