Jumping Back In

As I've gotten older I have tried to be better about listening to my body. This is a struggle most days because I'm not much a one for taking it easy. I'm kind of an "all or nothing" person, which is one of the reasons the creeping crud from hell has hung on so long. … Continue reading Jumping Back In



For the first time in a month I am feeling human! I woke up this morning and let the dogs out and it was in the upper 50s/lower 60s and my first thought was, "Ohhhh, it would be a good morning to go on a run!" That is the first time in a month (maybe … Continue reading HUMAN!

Culmination Of Hell

In the last month there has been a lot of silence. Everywhere. Silence. I think I may have run out of words. Too frustrated to come up with them. Frustration at work. Frustration at my place off the grid. Frustration at our political environment. Frustration with race training. Frustration with health issues. Just....frustration. The culmination … Continue reading Culmination Of Hell