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Be A Daffodil

It's been a weekend! I could probably end right there, but I have things to say, so buckle up! Or walk away! I'm pretty sure the whole world knows that I injured my ankle playing volleyball a month ago. Lord knows I've been whining about it enough. That injury was the final straw in a… Continue reading Be A Daffodil

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And Then There Were Tears

When I began running in 2012 nobody ever told me what I was in for. I thought it would be a great way to get in shape and recover after a couple of different surgeries. I thought it would make me skinny again. I thought I'd just give it a try and see how it… Continue reading And Then There Were Tears

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Three Weeks Strong

Can I get a collective DEEP SIGH!? I survived another week of half marathon training! Whoo Hoo! Three weeks down. Nine weeks to go. And best of all....this coming up week is my RECOVERY WEEK!!! Recovery week. I get to give my legs a break! This past week has been so hard. Monday: Hill repeats.… Continue reading Three Weeks Strong

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Done Ditty Done Done Done – Week 2

Week two has been a helluva week. Filled with strength, melt downs, pulling it together, a few more melt downs, confidence issues, and basically blood, sweat, and tears. Why is training so hard? Towards the end of my long run last week my knee started aching again. The same knee that began the achy thing… Continue reading Done Ditty Done Done Done – Week 2