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Drumroll, Please

You know that I hate the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing, right? I do. I really do. I gave up on making resolutions years ago. This has not, however, stopped me from lining out my fitness and mileage goals for the year. For whatever reason, "goal" and "resolution" are completely separate in my brain. One… Continue reading Drumroll, Please

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Checking In & Other Such Nonsense

How is it the first of September already?? This year is just flying by! As I have planned out my Fall races and workout plans, I have taken stock of where I stand on my annual distance goals and find that I am falling short. With my races this fall, I should have no trouble… Continue reading Checking In & Other Such Nonsense

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So She Did – Bike

(MIND-NUMBING ALERT - this is LONG!!!!) After finishing (YES, FINISHING) my Leg 14 run that turned into a hike/walk/slodge/crawl, I was spent! Completely and totally spent. Don was feeling MUCH better after his experience during his swim leg, and headed off down Provo Canyon on the bike. I pulled out my yoga mat so that… Continue reading So She Did – Bike

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Riding With Allergies

I have allergies. Gross, nasty, seasonal allergies. Trees mostly. This makes biking out doors.... tricky. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and if I wait for a good time to ride out doors I will never ride out doors. It's too windy. It's too cold. It's too hot. It's too rainy. It's too dry. The… Continue reading Riding With Allergies

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And Thus It Begins

On December 26th I began the journey towards training for my Iron Cowboy. Building up workout minutes. Building up mileage. Building up seat resistance to the horrid saddle on my bike. Building up strength to withstand the grueling training that I'm about to embark on. Ten weeks later, I have reached my official "Start training… Continue reading And Thus It Begins