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Groundhog Day

Have you ever had those days when it seemed like you're just replaying the same thing over and over? I've had one of those years. In life, my father and my father in law could not be more different. My dad was extremely right wing - tea party level right wing. My FIL was extremely… Continue reading Groundhog Day

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Unexpected Emotions

The closer I get to the one year mark of Dad's death, the closer to the surface my emotions sit. I woke up in tears this morning. Dreams don't normally get me out of whack because they're just dreams and not reality. But last night I was at the house in California where I grew up… Continue reading Unexpected Emotions

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Getting Started

Today officially begins my 10K training. Well, technically it was yesterday, but the training plan started off with a rest day as Day 1. Weird, but OK. I spent a couple of hours Sunday morning going through my workout plan for July. I made some tweaks to it based on what the runs are actually supposed… Continue reading Getting Started