Dog Days

When I was a kid we had a sweet little black lab. Back in the day, spay/neuter wasn’t a thing so we got an education in the circle of life at a fairly young age. I remember watching the dog with her puppies and she was such a good momma. She would carefully oversee their … Continue reading Dog Days

He Didn’t Have To Be

Being a parent is tough work. Being a step parent is really tough work. It takes a lot to blend two families together. To make sure that everyone feels loved, safe, and important. With all my failings as a parent, blending Mark's kids in with my kids is something that I feel I did really well. … Continue reading He Didn’t Have To Be


I don't know why I let parenting discussions bother me. After years of having my children out of the house and living their own lives, I still am brought to near tears during parenting discussions. I always feel like everything I ever did when my kids were growing up was the wrong thing. Why do … Continue reading Why?