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Week Two – Forging Ahead

This week SHOULD go like this: Monday - Speed Ladders & Yoga 1000 meters @10k pace (10k pace = 12:30 min/mile 90 seconds recovery 500 meters @5k pace (5k pace = 12:15 min/mile) 90 seconds recovery 500 meters @5k pace 90 seconds recovery 200 meters@mile pace (mile pace = 11:30 min/mile) 90 seconds recovery 400… Continue reading Week Two – Forging Ahead

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First Week – Did Not Die

First week done! First week survived! First week readjusted schedule! Life, huh? I tell ya, it seems to never fail that I'm constantly maneuvering around my training schedule. It should have gone like this: Monday - Fartleks & Yoga Tuesday - Volleyball & Yoga Wednesday - Volleyball & Yoga Thursday - Tempo Run; 5 intervals… Continue reading First Week – Did Not Die