Friendly Advice

Pretty much everywhere I go you'll find me with a camera strapped around my neck. I'm the official "memory provider" at all our events. I make photo books to document those memories in an easily viewable format. You know what's not in many of those photo books? Pictures of me, that's what. When we go … Continue reading Friendly Advice

Getting Back Into The Groove

Grief is a very weird thing. It's been almost three years since my dad's death, and I had forgotten how exhausting it was to have a sick family member. I'm two weeks to the day past Jenna's death and am still trying to figure out what my new normal is. Parents aren't supposed to bury … Continue reading Getting Back Into The Groove


I've gone through phases of life, as I'm sure most of you have. Sometimes I've been a social butterfly other times I've been a loner. Not in a "let's go on a murderous rampage because I'm so mad at the world and have nothing to live for" kinda way. But more like I just want … Continue reading Solitude

Flirty Gerty

When Jenna lived with us, she was a smiley thing. She'd smile at everything. The dogs. The cats. Funny commercials on TV. You could pretty much say "Boo" to her and she'd smile. It was a big ol' half faced grin that she'd give you. Truly infectious! She didn't have any trouble expressing happiness. As … Continue reading Flirty Gerty