So She Did – Finish

Once I finished my swim leg, I completely relaxed. I still felt calorie deficient. I still felt so freaking tired. I still felt dehydrated. But I was relaxed. Legs 32 - 36 After I got out of the lake and enjoyed the most delicious chocolate milk known to man, I waited for Jared to finish … Continue reading So She Did – Finish

So She Did – Swim

Sleep deprivation does a funny thing to your brain. When you add that with oxygen deprivation from the high mountain summit, it creates havoc in your brain. Legs 25 - 31 We sent Julie and Melissa down the mountain. Visited for a little bit at the summit as we enjoyed the sunrise. Loaded up the … Continue reading So She Did – Swim

So She Did

When you push yourself beyond your perceived limitations, an amazing thing happens. You grow. You start believing that perhaps age doesn't matter. You learn that the only thing between success and failure is resisting the overwhelming desire to quit. To stop trying. To convince yourself that you are not capable. You become more emotional. You … Continue reading So She Did