Slowly But Surely

I'll tell you, training is hard! The quest for health and fitness is such a slow process. I read everything I can get my hands on. I do a lot of trial and error. When I read something that makes sense, I incorporate it into my workout routine or eating plan, depending on what it … Continue reading Slowly But Surely

May As Well Be Drinking

Sometimes I chuckle when I look at the routes that I run. This was a down and back. And down and back. And halfway down and back route. One would think that it would be a straight line. One would be wrong! I was reading the other day about running surfaces. They (whoever "they" is) … Continue reading May As Well Be Drinking

It Hurts Now

I saw this on Pinterest and it struck a chord with me. My normal warm up and cool down consists of a brisk walk. That's the way that it's always been. Warm up and cool down means that you're lowering your heart rate and easing back into normal life. Walking seems to be the best … Continue reading It Hurts Now

Back To Back

Something I swore I'd never do is run on back to back days. I've been babying my feet because of plantar fasciitis in the one, and it makes it more difficult to keep the healing process continuing in a positive manner if I run on consecutive days. My training plan doesn't have running activities on … Continue reading Back To Back