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Ever Changing Plans

The best laid plans, as always, aren't what they started out to be.  After three fairly stressful weeks, I have ditched the half marathon plan. At some point, I may decide to go for it again, but for now I am content to do my normal Mississippi 7K race. The reality of my life right… Continue reading Ever Changing Plans

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Week 4 – Recovery

I've mentioned a number of times that recovery weeks are difficult for me. They're mentally exhausting. I don't sit well. I don't "do nothing" well. My recovery weeks typically consist of lots of walking and lots of yoga. You know, enough to keep the old body moving and flexible with as little impact as possible.… Continue reading Week 4 – Recovery

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Three Weeks Strong

Can I get a collective DEEP SIGH!? I survived another week of half marathon training! Whoo Hoo! Three weeks down. Nine weeks to go. And best of all....this coming up week is my RECOVERY WEEK!!! Recovery week. I get to give my legs a break! This past week has been so hard. Monday: Hill repeats.… Continue reading Three Weeks Strong

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Done Ditty Done Done Done – Week 2

Week two has been a helluva week. Filled with strength, melt downs, pulling it together, a few more melt downs, confidence issues, and basically blood, sweat, and tears. Why is training so hard? Towards the end of my long run last week my knee started aching again. The same knee that began the achy thing… Continue reading Done Ditty Done Done Done – Week 2

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DON’T Judge!

So you all know what a run cadence is, don't you? Normally, when I think of cadence I think of the sing-songy marching directions of a drill instructor. I guess technically, that keeps the platoon in a correct cadence. I'm thinking of the running cadence. The rotations per minute of our little old legs. This:… Continue reading DON’T Judge!

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Week Two – Forging Ahead

This week SHOULD go like this: Monday - Speed Ladders & Yoga 1000 meters @10k pace (10k pace = 12:30 min/mile 90 seconds recovery 500 meters @5k pace (5k pace = 12:15 min/mile) 90 seconds recovery 500 meters @5k pace 90 seconds recovery 200 meters@mile pace (mile pace = 11:30 min/mile) 90 seconds recovery 400… Continue reading Week Two – Forging Ahead

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First Week – Did Not Die

First week done! First week survived! First week readjusted schedule! Life, huh? I tell ya, it seems to never fail that I'm constantly maneuvering around my training schedule. It should have gone like this: Monday - Fartleks & Yoga Tuesday - Volleyball & Yoga Wednesday - Volleyball & Yoga Thursday - Tempo Run; 5 intervals… Continue reading First Week – Did Not Die