When Freak Outs Happen

I would like to think that I'm at the end of my freak outs. I mean, with just a few days to go, what else is there to freak out about. Right? My two sisters and I have had a non-stop text thread exchange happening for months now. Last week my one sister texted: Well, … Continue reading When Freak Outs Happen

Pack Rats Unite

Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. *ahem* Sorry 'bout that! So....today is my packing day. It's where I have to get the majority of my packing done so that I just have to worry about the odds and ends. When I have a crack of dawn flight, I … Continue reading Pack Rats Unite


I'm pretty good at puzzles. Always have been. My brain just works in a way that's good at putting things together. Packing a vehicle is right up my alley. I can pack up a car like nobody's business. Tonight was no differrent. I have so much stuff to take to Melissa's house. I know that … Continue reading Puzzles