A Month

Let the count down begin. One month left to prepare. And yet, there is really nothing left to prepare. The van assignments are made. The drivers are known. The packing list is complete. The taper schedule is created. The airline tickets are purchased. So now what? What am I to do now? Relax? Relax! It's … Continue reading A Month

The Taper Effect

Between Ann and my two sisters (the two who are doing the Iron Cowboy with me), I have a pretty good sounding board for all things training related. This coming week is my recovery week, and I always seem to fall apart emotionally during a rest week. I feel like I have this huge event … Continue reading The Taper Effect


We all know that we're individuals and that we should never compare ourselves to others. We have our own strengths. Our own weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is comparing myself to other people. SHOCKING! I know. I was looking at my Garmin Insights today - you know...that data thing that I love so much - … Continue reading Insights


Finagling a workout plan can be tricky for me during the summer months. Because of my race, I'm not taking to the treadmill when days get hot like I normally do because I need to adjust to running in crazy, ridiculous, insane heat. However, I'm a wuss when it comes to extreme weather. Be it … Continue reading Conundrums