Random Thoughts

Be A Bright Spot

At my place off the grid we are not fancy. Ever. We ride four wheelers in the mud. We toodle around the park in the dust. We get smokey around the campfire. We're just not fancy. Unless I'm in charge. Which I am. We had a getting to know you party with the leadership and… Continue reading Be A Bright Spot

Random Thoughts

Weather Be Trippin’

The weather is getting WARMER!!! And then it isn't. Missouri weather is on drugs.   Going from 72 to 38 in two days is completely unacceptable, Missouri!!! Momma wants to be warm!

Random Thoughts


The queen of Overkill. We all know this is me. Over-thinking. Over-reacting. Overwhelming. If it is OVER anything, I am all over it! I thought I was the worst. But... I am not! This guy. This guy has me beat all to hell. Pretty sure his Tonka Truck could have ridden in the cab.