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Back In The Saddle Again – FINALLY

Happy day. Happy, happy, happy! When all else fails to pull me out of a funk, I can always count on the wind in my hair, the dust on the trail, and an eventual sore saddle to drag me up and out! This has been a very bizarre Spring. Winter? Spring? Splinter? Sprinter? Wing? I… Continue reading Back In The Saddle Again – FINALLY

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Failing Versus Failure

In a year that has seemed hell bent on teaching me lessons, I have learned what is probably the most important lesson of all. At least for me. Failing does not equate to Failure. How's that again? About this time last year I set some fitness goals. These goals were inspired by the Doxa Threelay… Continue reading Failing Versus Failure

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The Taper Effect

Between Ann and my two sisters (the two who are doing the Iron Cowboy with me), I have a pretty good sounding board for all things training related. This coming week is my recovery week, and I always seem to fall apart emotionally during a rest week. I feel like I have this huge event… Continue reading The Taper Effect