What’s New Puddy Tat

If you bring this: And this: Into your home and you have this: And then they meet each other and fur flies, then you get this: Which looks like this after a day of religiously washing: And this: And this: To say that we've been having a great time at my house would be an … Continue reading What’s New Puddy Tat

And The Cat Came Back

Cats are strange creatures when it comes to new people. It used to take Bandit forever to warm up to a stranger. She seems to be over that. Within moments of D arriving at our house, she was all over him. Smokey? Completely different story. As Mark and I were whiz-banging through the basement yesterday … Continue reading And The Cat Came Back


Got in bed last night ready for a peaceful sleep. But then.... Onto the bed Pouncepouncepounce on the foot Run up the hip Around my head and across my pillow Over my face and off the bed Up on the nightstand To my face - licklicklick my nose Under the cover, pretending to want to … Continue reading C-C-C-Razy