Heart Of My Heart

For years (more than a decade) I have preached about heart healthy options to my wonderful, charming, charismatic, obstinate, funny, ornery, delightful husband! I cook heart healthy meals. I keep healthy snacks in the house. I do what I can to make sure that Mark and I are both healthy. This is not to say … Continue reading Heart Of My Heart

Tortoise And The Hare

Do you ever feel like you need a good fable to get you through the day? Hmmm. Me, neither. But I'm sure there is a good "moral of the story" somewhere in here. Last night I went to Mark's volleyball game with him. I'm not sure why I torment myself like this, but I'm so … Continue reading Tortoise And The Hare

Stir Crazy

It's been five days. That's all. Just five days of doing nothing. On day five, though....I can begin walking. Short distances. Easy pace. Not overdoing it. Just easy walking. Is it weird that this is what I've been looking forward to for the last five days? Just the ability to be mobile and really begin … Continue reading Stir Crazy