Conversations Around The Island

I love when Facebook Memories remind me of such happy times. I teased Mark about this conversation for MONTHS following this vacation.

Conversations, Grandkids

Conversations With Mara (re: Mom)

Mara's birthday is tomorrow. We had her party at our place off the grid last weekend. MY mom came out for it. So there was Mara. Mara's Mom. Mara's Grandma. Mara's Great-Grandma. Explain how all that works to a four year old. Melissa: "Mara, this is you Great-Grandma. You can still just call her Grandma,… Continue reading Conversations With Mara (re: Mom)


Conversations Around Dinner Time

Michelle, scrolling through pinterest: "Oh wow! This sounds good. ::shows picture on phone:: "Holy cow, Mom. Doesn't this look good?" ::show picture on phone:: "Oh,  THIS looks delicious!" ::shows picture on phone:: Me: "You know what's delicious?" Michelle (without looking up): "If you're talking about what's on your plate, I highly doubt it!" Me: "Om… Continue reading Conversations Around Dinner Time