Good Thing Yer Pretty

At my place off the grid we just sold our old camper and bought a new (to us) toy hauler - a camper & 4-wheeler hauler all in one. It's smaller than what we had, but is more open - so more room for the dogs. And as we ALL KNOW, it's all about the … Continue reading Good Thing Yer Pretty


Conversations Around The Dinner Table

My husband and I went on vacation with a group of our friends recently. The morning after we arrived my body just crashed and I was sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Fever. Chills. Headache. Cough. I spent the whole vacation curled up under a blanket watching movies. The guys were sitting around the table playing cards. … Continue reading Conversations Around The Dinner Table


Maddox. Oh, Maddox. My friends off the grid thinks he's the best because he keeps Melissa on her toes so much. Last night they were over. Running around the deck. Following Grandpa everywhere Grandpa went. Up and down the stairs. Around the yard. Releasing energy. Time to go. Mel: C'Mon, Maddox. Time to go. Maddox: … Continue reading Mara-isms


Only Maddox. But Maddox-isms doesn't flow quite as well. Grandkid-isms? Awkward. So, from here to eternity, all grandkid goodies will be Mara-isms. Last Saturday we returned from St. Louis to find Mark and a couple of his friends doing "guy stuff" at our place off the grid. One of the friends is VERY grey. Maddox … Continue reading Mara-isms


Melissa has a couple of weeks before her husband finishes up with the Marines and is home for good. This means I've been helping her a lot. A LOT. Yesterday's task was mowing the lawn. It has not been mowed since they moved in - June 3rd. I needed a baler instead of mower. At … Continue reading Mara-isms