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Practically Perfect In Every Way

When I spiral out of control, I spiral out in a big way. A month and a half ago when I told you my cholesterol numbers were way high I freaked right out. Remember that? Well, it's been an unpleasant month. I even did the unthinkable. I found a new primary care physician. I haven't… Continue reading Practically Perfect In Every Way

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Patience – To Be, Or Not To Be

So my foot feels good. This means I can go for a run today, right? RIGHT?????? *sigh I told myself that I was focusing on the other aspects of my cardio training (biking and swimming) and continuing my strength training for this whole week, and maybe next. Because I thought that's how much time I… Continue reading Patience – To Be, Or Not To Be

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And….We Have A Winner

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, beautiful daughter, Ann!! Now, let's get on with it, shall we? After Ange's comment on yesterday's post (check her out at Cowgirl Runs), I sat down and put together my November workout plan. It's not my full workout plan because it doesn't include my run days. It's… Continue reading And….We Have A Winner