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Quarterly Updates and Other Such Nonsense

In the past quarter I have done just as much (or more) than I did in the whole first half of the year. Mostly, that is because I was training for the half marathon. I feel WAY better about where I am in relation to making my goals today than I did last June when… Continue reading Quarterly Updates and Other Such Nonsense

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Silly Walks

When I plan my long runs, I pick locations where there's a potty station every two miles to mimic a race course as closely as possible. With my hour bladder, there are other benefits to having restrooms along my path. Two of my sisters and one of my daughters are runners. I have heard STELLAR… Continue reading Silly Walks

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Happy Running

  Guess who ran HAPPY in the really low humidity on Saturday? This girl! Guess who WALKED up the short, albeit steep AF hill behind me? This girl! Guess who was SUPER glad to be outside on a beautiful morning? This girl! Guess who felt SUCCESSFUL for the first time during this training segment? This… Continue reading Happy Running

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Learning To Listen

With age comes wisdom, right? That's what they say, anyway! Well, I'm trying to gain wisdom, but it's been a decades long struggle. The workout plan yesterday was hill repeats. Walk around the lake to warm up the old legs (even though it was hotter than hell outside and ALL THE THINGS were already warm).… Continue reading Learning To Listen

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And We Begin!!!!

Today I begin "official" training for my very first half marathon!  EEP!   I'm a bit nervous about beginning. I hope my ankle holds up. I hope my plantar fasciitis doesn't flair up. I hope I don't die from heat exhaustion in the crazy humidity. I hope to be able to complete it. It's nice… Continue reading And We Begin!!!!