Running With Dogs

It's my little guy's birthday today. He's four.   He's supposed to be all mellow and laid back and what-not. He's not. He's crazy and energetic and everything a Bernese Mountain Dog is NOT supposed to be. My freak-boy. Being a not-normal-BMD has its benefits. I can take him for runs with me, providing it's … Continue reading Running With Dogs


Luck Of The Irish

I don't normally run races in my town. Not because I don't want to, but because they're rarely available. Every year the color run comes here, and there's a pretty good turn out, but the last two races I registered for here were, shall we say, less than stellar. So I should have known better. … Continue reading Luck Of The Irish

Coming To Terms

You all know how much I love my data. During my workout last night (HIIT), I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to let the "weekly intensity minutes" go. Intensity minutes are figured based on heart rate during an activity. There's a minimum heart rate required to count as "intensity." That number … Continue reading Coming To Terms