Global Running Day 2019

Got up before work to make sure that I got a run in on this Global Running Day. The girls will be at my house tonight to bake a cake, so I feel fairly confident that if I didn't do my run this morning that it wouldn't get done. I haven't missed a run on … Continue reading Global Running Day 2019


Something New

I took a nice ride on the Katy Trail last night. I do this fairly regularly - at least once a week. It's good for my soul. I have a stopping point that sits right on the bank of the Missouri River and I normally spend about five minutes just sitting on the bench listening … Continue reading Something New

Coming To Terms

You all know how much I love my data. During my workout last night (HIIT), I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to let the "weekly intensity minutes" go. Intensity minutes are figured based on heart rate during an activity. There's a minimum heart rate required to count as "intensity." That number … Continue reading Coming To Terms