Conversations With Mara

I could probably make "conversations with Mara" into a series. That child. She is a talker! And she takes everything very literally. She's four. She doesn't quite understand sarcasm yet. Since she arrived she has been asking me what the grey kitty's name is. I keep telling her, "It's Smokey." Then she goes, "Hi, Smokey." … Continue reading Conversations With Mara


My First Thought

Check out this little beauty. She's been here for a few weeks and will be here until mid-June. It's been so fun having her around. Her sweet little voice as she babbles about nothing. She only says comprehendable words here and there. Mostly it's just jibberish. But, boy-howdy, is it cute jibberish! We were sitting … Continue reading My First Thought

No Fear

#LaterGram My Mara is a water baby. She loves the water. It doesn't matter if it's a bathtub, a puddle of water left over from a typical Hawaiian afternoon rainstorm, a quiet cove surrounded by a protective barrier reef, or an angry ocean. She wants it. She doesn't care if there is a hand to … Continue reading No Fear

So In Love

She's back! My beautiful granddaughter. She was eating and handed Jake a piece of her bread. She doesn't realize she put her life (or at least her arm's life) in harm's way. Jake has never been known to gently take food out of your hand. But he did this time. Very carefully accepted Mara's offering. … Continue reading So In Love


Did you know that WordPress had an app? I didn't! I found out today, loaded it,  and am now posting. From my phone! Even though I'm sitting at my desk! I'm not sure why I'm so excited about this. New gadget, I guess. You might be sorry I found it because it will probably mean … Continue reading Wowza