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Drumroll, Please

You know that I hate the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing, right? I do. I really do. I gave up on making resolutions years ago. This has not, however, stopped me from lining out my fitness and mileage goals for the year. For whatever reason, "goal" and "resolution" are completely separate in my brain. One… Continue reading Drumroll, Please

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Failing Versus Failure

In a year that has seemed hell bent on teaching me lessons, I have learned what is probably the most important lesson of all. At least for me. Failing does not equate to Failure. How's that again? About this time last year I set some fitness goals. These goals were inspired by the Doxa Threelay… Continue reading Failing Versus Failure

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Progress Check – Q1

At the beginning of the year I set some mileage goals. I have since adjusted those goals from Running, Biking, Swimming to Running, Biking, Swimming, and Walking. A couple of reasons for this change. Primarily (and this is going to sound stupid) because my Garmin keeps track of mileage on my running shoes, and I… Continue reading Progress Check – Q1

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Happy New Year

I'm not a New Year's Resolution person. Never really have been. (Yes, I know I've talked about this recently.) I'm more of a "Let's avoid the gym at all costs during January and February" mocker of newyearsresolutioners. Cynical much? Yup! Always! I am the type of person that charts everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I love… Continue reading Happy New Year

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Remember That Time?

I'm not a big new years resolution person. I feel like they're kind of hokie and something that everybody does just because.¬†Because why? Because tradition tells us we should? If we set goals because somebody tells us we should, what do the goals actually mean? What role¬†in personal growth do they fill? I'm not a… Continue reading Remember That Time?

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Sluggish Slug

Show of hands. Whose Thanksgiving kicked your ass? God almighty! It's been a rough November. Rough. And Perfect. And Fantastic. And Exhausting. *whispers [and I put on 10 pounds since my grandson was born] *sigh I.Feel.Like.A.SLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My BFF, Care Bear, and I email back and forth every day. It sucks having your best friend live… Continue reading Sluggish Slug