Jake has been gone for almost two years now. I stopped crying over his loss a long time ago. His pictures pop up in my memories on Facebook on a fairly regular basis, and I love seeing his happy face and his Berner smile. Today his face popped up in my memories and it just … Continue reading Memories

Unexpected Emotions

The closer I get to the one year mark of Dad's death, the closer to the surface my emotions sit. I woke up in tears this morning. Dreams don't normally get me out of whack because they're just dreams and not reality. But last night I was at the house in California where I grew up … Continue reading Unexpected Emotions

Release The Hounds

It's been interesting incorporating a new dog into the household. Especially an adult dog who already has an established routine. Aside from the cats REALLY disliking Ziggy, everything has been smooth sailing. There are some unique quirks with the two old dogs. When Ellie was alive and Jake was younger I had to separate them … Continue reading Release The Hounds