A Little Lazy

For the past week I have been horribly lazy about posting much of anything. This does not mean that I stop taking pictures. I just don't take the time to do anything with the pictures one I've taken them. So, instead of catching up on the last week of the month of photos that I took, … Continue reading A Little Lazy

Something That Made Me Happy This Year

Day 30 Photo a day This is an odd thing that made me happy, but I have always wanted to capture this with my camera. I must have taken about 200 photos before coming into the house and googling how to do it. I got my camera settings all configured according to the almighty Google … Continue reading Something That Made Me Happy This Year


Does that make you want to sing from The Fiddler On The Roof? Me, too. Every year we make goodies. This year I didn't make nearly as many as I normally do, but these are one of my favorites and super simple. Pretzel squares, rolo minis, half pecans. Put a mini rolo on each pretzel … Continue reading Tradition!