Family and Relationships

Decades Later

My partner in crime, my constant companion, my baking buddy, my baby girl! She has a birthday! I remember so vividly the day that I brought her home from the hospital. I remember vividly the day she left home to start her adult life. I remember vividly the day she married her best friend. I… Continue reading Decades Later

Health and Fitness, Kids, Running

Go, Baby, Go!

About two months ago my baby daughter and I were having one of our random conversations. She comes to my house practically every night so that the dogs can play with each other and it's a great time to just hang out and visit. It has not, however, been great for my workout plans. She… Continue reading Go, Baby, Go!


My Baby

I took Michelle and her fiance out to get pictures. We heard some turkeys gobbling and that sent Cory off into the woods to find it. So Michelle and I moved on ahead. I love this picture something fierce!