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Soap Boxes On Top Of Soap Boxes

I have opinions. Shocking, I know! These opinions vary from spay/neuter, to organic preaching, to proper grammar/spelling, to breast feeding, to parenting, to family owned businesses, to creamer/chemicals in coffee vs drinking it straight up black. I do not lack for things that I feel strongly about. I'll just pick one today. Or, to clarify,… Continue reading Soap Boxes On Top Of Soap Boxes

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It's been a LONG time since I've told a Melissa Story. I got a phone call this afternoon and heard her cheery voice on the other end. We chit chatted about everything, as we always do whenever she calls. I could hear Hurricane Mara's giggles and jabbering in the background, as I always can. It… Continue reading Ingenuity

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My First Thought

Check out this little beauty. She's been here for a few weeks and will be here until mid-June. It's been so fun having her around. Her sweet little voice as she babbles about nothing. She only says comprehendable words here and there. Mostly it's just jibberish. But, boy-howdy, is it cute jibberish! We were sitting… Continue reading My First Thought

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Posting from my phone. Not as easy add you might think. I'm up this morning off the grid. We've had company all weekend. This early in the morning, as the only non hung over person, I have a lot of silence. I'd been puttering around getting things done in my solitude until the rain came… Continue reading Grateful


No Fear

#LaterGram My Mara is a water baby. She loves the water. It doesn't matter if it's a bathtub, a puddle of water left over from a typical Hawaiian afternoon rainstorm, a quiet cove surrounded by a protective barrier reef, or an angry ocean. She wants it. She doesn't care if there is a hand to… Continue reading No Fear

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Shark’s Cove

#LaterGram No, there are no sharks in this cove. No, it isn't shaped like a shark. No, I don't know why it's called Shark's Cove. But it was a very neat beach. It's like the lava rock created a barrier to the ocean so that there were calm waters where one could play. The basin… Continue reading Shark’s Cove

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Time Passages

As I was in the throes of raising children, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to be a grandma. As my kids left home, none of them seemed to be in a rush to have kids any time soon and I was totally OK with that. All that changed with the birth of my grandson. And… Continue reading Time Passages