Drunk Pancakes

Melissa laughed at my drunk pancakes today. This picture won't explain why, but it'll add proof as to the type of pancakes I made. She may or may not have got the idea that I had (perhaps) overdone it on the booze this evening! We had been on the phone since I got home from … Continue reading Drunk Pancakes

Anyone Ever Feel Like This?

Yearly reviews. I hate them. I don't know why because I always get rave reviews. Thank you. Thank you. ::takes a bow:: Still, reviews just freak me out. For the last few years the company has given people small raises and then re-evaluated the state of the company through the first quarter and then if … Continue reading Anyone Ever Feel Like This?

It’s Over

For weeks and weeks it has been so crazy at work! Finally, the big event came and it was an overwhelming success. I can't believe I was so freaked out about it.  I have been Pesty McPesterton with my team trying to get everyone doing what needed to be done to make this work thing … Continue reading It’s Over