So She Did

When you push yourself beyond your perceived limitations, an amazing thing happens. You grow. You start believing that perhaps age doesn’t matter. You learn that the only thing between success and failure is resisting the overwhelming desire to quit. To stop trying. To convince yourself that you are not capable.

You become more emotional. You feel things on a deeper level. You learn to truly trust others. And the most difficult thing of all, you learn to let people help you.

I’ve always sucked at asking for help. There is something about asking for help that makes me feel weak. I know that that is a wrong thought process, and yet, it has always been my mindset. I’ve been firmly in the “I can do it myself” camp of a two year old!

Over the past six months as I’ve worked and planned and trained and obsessed about the Doxa Threelay and all that it entails, I have (at 54) learned that I can do anything. But more importantly, I learned that by asking for help I can do more than I can do alone.

With my family (and a couple friends thrown in for good measure) by my side, I embarked upon an adventure that was so far beyond what I thought was possible. As time passed and we came closer and closer to the race, I believed more strongly that I would be able to do this impossible thing. I gained a confidence that a year ago would have been unthinkable. If it’s even possible, I developed a stronger bond with my sisters. We’ve always been close, but this journey gave me a new found respect and admiration (or, more accurately, ADORATION) for these two beautiful women who supported me from start to finish and everything in between. They made me believe that I could do it. And because of them, I did!


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