Kickin’ It Off

Last year my fitness goals were an epic failure. I’ve come to terms with that and am moving past it.

Normally I set my goals for the upcoming year during the last couple of weeks in December and get everything lined out. This year I took a different approach. I have had an idea of what I wanted to do in the back of my head, and started off down that road. A bit of a test run, if you will. Last year I was pretty illogical about setting my goals. This year I’m trying to be a bit more realistic.

First off…big picture:

How many days each week will I do a workout? Five. I have learned that I really need two rest days each week. And when I say “rest days” I’m not talking about doing nothing. I play volleyball every Tuesday, but don’t really consider it a workout. Especially when the games are like they were last night. The other team was SOOOOO BAAADDDDD. My heart rate never went above 85. So bad. So, technically, my Tuesday night games are active, but more of a social hour than anything. So that’s my first rest day of the week. Fridays are always a rest day. It is the day we head off the grid and between working all day and loading up the car directly after work, then unloading when we get there, then meeting up with our group, there isn’t time for a workout. And it’s Friday. Who wants to workout on a Friday? Not this girl! So Tuesdays and Fridays are my standard rest days. (5 days/week x 52 weeks = 260) So…260 days out of 365.

How long will I workout on each workout day?  Generally speaking, an hour. But as I’ve been doing the Couch to 10K program, the first three weeks have been 30 minutes, 31 minutes, and 28 minutes this week. On my run days I do about 15 minutes of upper body weights before and after each run. I also try to do yoga every day (even on rest days). So an hour isn’t unrealistic. If I’m doing the math correctly, the number of hours should match the number of workouts – 260. So 260 hours of workouts in the year.

Now, the big one: Mileage. This is where I struggle. Last year I had 500 miles as my goal. This includes all my workouts – biking, swimming, running, walking, hiking. Anything that gives me a distance counts in my mileage goal. I didn’t make it last year due to me basically not doing a workout for half the year. But I started with last year’s 500 miles and got to doing math. 500 miles divided by 365 is 1.37 miles per day. Multiplied by a 3 day per week run schedule is 4.11 miles per run day. My brain immediately screeches to a stop because with the C210K that I’m doing now, I’m only doing 2 miles on each of my three run days. The distance will increase as the schedule progresses, but leaves me in the hole for the first quarter. However, come spring/summer/fall I ride my bike twice a week and my shortest bike ride is 8 miles. So I can make up (and possibly surpass) a 500 mile goal.

So the question of the day is: I didn’t make my 500 mile goal last year, so can I do it this year? I determined that I can. So I’ve initially set my annual mileage goal at 500. I’m going to re-evaluate it in July and see if I feel like I need to increase it. I’m pretty determined to get my 500 in this year. I’ve only made that goal one year, and that was in 2017 when I was training for the biggest race event I’ve ever done (777.5 miles that year). So I’m going to shoot for it this year, when I’m not training for the biggest race I’ve ever done. Fingers crossed.

  • Timing: 260 hours
  • Activities: 260
  • Mileage: 500

How do I accomplish these goals?

One thing I have learned about myself over the years is that if I don’t have something specific that I’m working towards, it’s really easy for me to skip workouts. I feel like that was a huge mistake I made last year. Once I finished my Hot Chocolate 15K in December 2018, I didn’t schedule any other races. Throughout all of 2019 I did one race – a St. Patrick’s Day race – a 5K. That’s it. No other races. My husband asked me one time why I kept signing up for races and I told him that without the motivation of a race, it’s too easy to not get the workouts in. So I’ve known that about me for a long time, but apparently thought I could do it without any races last year.

How do I accomplish these goals? I have to have something to prepare for. So another goal this year is to register for more races.

I have to do something because the 15 pound gain in a year’s time is unacceptable. So here we go! Kickin’ off a new year with new goals and new determination to do it all. Wish me luck!

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