Brass Knuckles & Other Such Nonsense

While I spent my day at the pool playing with friends and lounging and relaxing and doing absolutely nothing of importance, my sisters were having completely different days and experiences.

Julie struggled at the rental car place – having reserved a minivan, she arrived and was told they had no minivans. And….queue stress, frustration, and anger. After some time she got a vehicle that would suit most of her needs for this trip.

Melissa had a different struggle. While on “one last easy bike ride” with her riding group, through a comedy of errors she managed to step on her spoke and break it. Fortunately, some of the riding group work with a bike shop and told her to bring it in. And then….

If she could keep a straight face during that she’s a stronger woman than I am. But it doesn’t end there.


These two beautiful women are what has kept me going through all this insanity! I can barely wait to see them in just a few days. There will be some EPIC hugs happening!

However, I will miss our never-ending text thread. I mean, come on, Folks! How could you NOT miss all of this when the race is over?


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