Something About

There is something about the hands of a grandchild. So tiny. So trusting. So ready to reach out to grab a finger and follow wherever that finger might lead them. I have the most amazing grandchildren who have the most amazing parents, and I get excited to see where their lives will go. What they … Continue reading Something About


Dreaming Of The Day

I've been so cold lately. So Freaking Cold! The weather is stupid. It's stupid COLD! I've been trapped indoors for all my workouts for what feels like an eternity. My mood is SUFFERING from having to do all my runs and bike rides inside! Running and biking were meant to be done outside. In nature. … Continue reading Dreaming Of The Day


HELLO, WORLD! I've been a whole lotta MIA lately. So much going on. Sick for pretty much the entire winter (or so it feels like). Out of whack. Crazy busy. Burned out. My husband and I went on a very much needed vacation. Since buying the business almost a year ago we have both been … Continue reading Rejuvenation


I picked a horrible week to begin my half marathon training. My day today so far: Wake up at 5am Mix up cake batter & throw cake into the oven Get dressed and head out the door for a run Get back and drink all the gatorade (hot and muggy before the sun was even … Continue reading Yonkers