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Conversations Across The Country

You know that I've been struggling with having a bum ankle and the affect it has on my ability to workout. This, in turn, has an affect on my mood and my normal self confidence. It's been a challenge to keep a positive attitude about pretty much anything. Fighting off the Negative Nancy self-talk is… Continue reading Conversations Across The Country

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Getting Back Into The Groove

Grief is a very weird thing. It's been almost three years since my dad's death, and I had forgotten how exhausting it was to have a sick family member. I'm two weeks to the day past Jenna's death and am still trying to figure out what my new normal is. Parents aren't supposed to bury… Continue reading Getting Back Into The Groove

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Week 4 – Recovery

I've mentioned a number of times that recovery weeks are difficult for me. They're mentally exhausting. I don't sit well. I don't "do nothing" well. My recovery weeks typically consist of lots of walking and lots of yoga. You know, enough to keep the old body moving and flexible with as little impact as possible.… Continue reading Week 4 – Recovery