Reason Number 498,532,135

When I got Mack three years ago I realized very quickly that he is one of those dogs that needs a constant companion. He's high strung, energetic, not the sharpest tool in the shed, sweet as sweet can be. He's been a challenge. My husband has been adamantly opposed to having a second dog - … Continue reading Reason Number 498,532,135


New Admiration

You never stop being a mom. No matter how old your kids get, or where your kids' adventures take them, they are always your babies. You hope that you have given them the tools that they need to live their adult lives in the best way possible. And yet, somehow you have a difficult time … Continue reading New Admiration


I picked a horrible week to begin my half marathon training. My day today so far: Wake up at 5am Mix up cake batter & throw cake into the oven Get dressed and head out the door for a run Get back and drink all the gatorade (hot and muggy before the sun was even … Continue reading Yonkers

Friendly Advice

Pretty much everywhere I go you'll find me with a camera strapped around my neck. I'm the official "memory provider" at all our events. I make photo books to document those memories in an easily viewable format. You know what's not in many of those photo books? Pictures of me, that's what. When we go … Continue reading Friendly Advice