FINALLY, It Makes Sense

Every day I hear or read about somebody singing the praises of the foam roller. They come in all different sizes. They’re supposed to be the best thing for runners hips/thighs/calves than anything under the sun. I hear Ann and the Cowgirl discussing the roller on Facebook and Twitter as if it’s some sort of long lost love interest. A love interest that has pissed them off on more than one occasion, but a love interest none-the-less.

Still, I did not understand exactly what was so fantastic about them and why I should use them as part of my running routine. Then my sister told me this:

“Foam rollers are the BOMB! It works much better than stretching because as you get older the membrane that surrounds your muscles gets tight so no matter how much you stretch, your muscle itself doesn’t stretch much. So the foam roller smooths and stretches your muscles and gets rid of knots. Picture a raw chicken breast. If you were to pull on it from both ends, the breast doesn’t really stretch, but if you rolled it with a rolling pin, it would smooth out the breast. The foam roller is a gentler smoothing, but hopefully you get the picture.”

Well, why didn’t anyone else say that in the first place? FINALLY, it makes sense!

::scurries off to buy a foam roller::

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