The Longest Road

The first time I went out to my vet's house (he's an old country vet and runs his clinic from his farm) I followed the directions from his wife to a tee. Head down 50, hang a left, eventually the paved road turns to gravel and you just go two miles once you hit the … Continue reading The Longest Road


Pet Peeves

Probably one of my biggest pet peeves in the world, even worse than those trying to shove religion at me, is the whole foods people who want to preach at me, look down on me if I eat a cookie, or tell me how I should do my workouts. I think I've become so accustomed … Continue reading Pet Peeves


Prepare for word vomit. Lots to say. No train of thought with which to say it. The girls at work were asking me how my procedure went yesterday so I was giving them the poop. No, wait. I was giving them the scoop. One of the girls asked how the "post procedure" events went. Impish … Continue reading Invincible