For Better Or Worse

Sunday mornings are usually our "big breakfast" day of the week. We had been at our place off the grid and came home early so I was going to fix breakfast at home instead of in the camper, but the day just got away from me. A couple of days ago Mark had stopped by … Continue reading For Better Or Worse

Brain Cloud

The problem with being sleep deprived is that the brain ceases functioning! Not that my brain needs any help in that category because my memory, as it is, is ridiculously slow. So after being awake since 7am Hawaii time and then flying out at 10pm Hawaii time and then getting into Denver at 8am Denver … Continue reading Brain Cloud

Loving Life

I've been playing Grandma this week, which has meant letting my daughter sleep through the night so that she can heal more quickly and be ready to do the full time momma thing when I leave in a few days. This has also meant that Grandma is  exhausted!! Five hour time difference (it's currently 9:09am … Continue reading Loving Life

Here’s The Thing

My normally hyper cat who won't snuggle if her life depended on it has become a little snuggle bug with her vestibular issues. She seems to feel safer on my lap than anywhere else. I kinda like it, even though I really want her to get better quickly!