DON’T Judge!

So you all know what a run cadence is, don’t you?

Normally, when I think of cadence I think of the sing-songy marching directions of a drill instructor. I guess technically, that keeps the platoon in a correct cadence.

I’m thinking of the running cadence. The rotations per minute of our little old legs.



Now. I am nothing if not consistent. And I am consistently in the ORANGE cadence category. I make myself feel better about this by the caveat that taller runners tend to have a slower cadence. I don’t believe that they think the MY cadence would qualify as something to aspire to. But that is the reality of my life. I’m a solid orange cadencer!

When I was analyzing my workout last night (speed intervals) I HIT THE GREEN SECTION!! In THREE different run intervals! I’ve done speed intervals before, but have still remained solidly in the orange segment. I know that being in the green section still qualifies me as a slow runner (you fast runners can just shut it), but it is a new high for me, and I’m celebrating!

Hip, hip hooray!

Hip, hip hooray!

Hip, hip hooray!

It’s the little things, y’all.

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