First Week – Did Not Die

First week done! First week survived! First week readjusted schedule!

Life, huh?

I tell ya, it seems to never fail that I’m constantly maneuvering around my training schedule. It should have gone like this:

  • Monday – Fartleks & Yoga
  • Tuesday – Volleyball & Yoga
  • Wednesday – Volleyball & Yoga
  • Thursday – Tempo Run; 5 intervals of 10R/2W & Yoga
  • Friday – Rest & Yoga
  • Saturday – Long Run – 6 miles & Yoga
  • Sunday – Swim & Tri-Set Weights & Yoga

Sunday: I knew that I had a haircut on Monday evening right after work. Haircut nights always throw my whole evening routine into oblivion. It was supposed to be the KICK OFF day to my half marathon training! So I decided that I would get up and do my Fartleks before work. It was only a 24 minute scheduled run, so I figured I could do that. Monday morning was going to not even make it to the teens and was supposed to be snowing when I woke up in the morning. This would mean running on the dreadmill. I don’t know about you, but I can’t run on the dreadmill unless I have music BLASTING. My dreadmill is in the room right under the master bedroom. Blasting music in that room would wake my husband. So I decided to do my KICK OFF run on Sunday night instead and get ahead of the game. I was afraid that if I waited until Monday after I got home from my hair appointment that I’d go FUCK IT and just not do it. So I did Monday’s workout on Sunday night.

1 minute @6mph/1 minute @4mph; 2 minutes at 6mph/2 minutes at 4mph; 3 minutes @6mph; 3 minutes @4mph.

Do it again. 24 minutes. DONE.

Then Yoga.

Monday: Haircut. Yoga. Relax.

Tuesday‘s are easy. Volleyball and Yoga. Easy peasy.

Wednesday‘s are easy. Volleyball and Yoga. BUT….

Thursday after work I had a chiro appointment and they were going to do ultrasound on my foot, so I knew I didn’t want to run after that. Felt it would be counterproductive. So I was going to do my run Thursday morning outside! BUT THEN…

Wednesday afternoon – my sisters and daughter had to deal with my near-meltdown:

I planned on sucking it up and doing it on Thursday morning according to my plan. But the issues that affect running on the treadmill in the morning (blasting music/sleeping husband) are still there on Thursday morning. So I stared and stared and stared at my workout plan to see where I could shift things around. I knew that the tempo run I had on my schedule was going to be really hard no matter when I did it. I knew that I had time before volleyball on Wed to do it, but didn’t feel comfortable doing the full schedule and I really didn’t want to skip the workout all together.

So I zigged. I changed my plan. Again!

I did a modified version of my tempo run (only three segments instead of five) and then changed my Saturday run to be a 7 mile run instead of a 6 mile run. This would keep me within my estimated weekly mileage and allow me to get my tempo run done on Wednesday instead of having to do it on Thursday morning.

Wednesday: Yoga first

Tempo run – 10 minutes @5mph; 2 minutes @3.5mph (a.k.a. walk); 10 minutes @5.1mph; 2 minutes @3.5mph; 10 minutes @5.2mph; 2 minutes @3.5mph  THIS WAS SO HARD!!!!! When they say that tempo runs are designed to get you being comfortable with being uncomfortable, they (whoever they are) were not joking! It was uncomfortable and hard.

5 minute slow walk to unwind my legs and get my breathing back to normal.

10 minutes of stretching.

45 minutes of volleyball.

Thursday: Yoga. I did this after my Chiro appointment. It was weird and disconcerting because I went through the 33 minute video just fine. When I stood up after savasana, my head began POUNDING! I mean POUNDING!!!!! Like a vice grip right across my skull. I sat down on the chair, elbows on my knees, head in my hands just rocking back and forth a little bit freaked out about what was happening to me. I have dealt with headaches throughout my life with my allergy issues, but nothing like this. I just kept taking deep breaths in and big exhales out. Over and over and over. After five minutes….fine. Like nothing had been wrong. That was the weirdest, most bizarre thing ever.

Friday: I thought about doing my yoga before work because we were supposed to go to a friend’s house for dinner. But I tend to be SUPER lazy in the morning and don’t want to get out of bed, especially when it’s cold and dark, and my bed is warm and cozy. So I slept in an extra half hour instead. Halfway through my workday, my friend called and cancelled, so I was able to just get in the yoga zone after work instead of being all up in my head because OH MY GOD I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 30 MINUTES!! So it was a much more zen practice than it would have been.

Saturday: So much for a run on Saturday. A bunch of our friends were going to be off the grid so we decided to go up there and hang out. Did my yoga before we left, then just enjoyed the day hanging with friends. After all, I could always skip my swim on Sunday and do my run instead. And that’s exactly what I did!

Sunday: Seven miles SUCKS!!!! But it was warm.

Started my day around 11. Lazy Sunday morning. Breakfast with the hubby, coffee while we watched reality TV. Then he headed out to do some things with our son. So it was 11 before I really got moving.

Yoga – a nice, slow, stretching sequence. I love it when the yoga schedule doesn’t conflict with the running schedule. It doesn’t always happen.

As I sat on my yoga mat so I could put my running shoes on, I just frozed. Simply frozen on my mat. This wall seemed to just drop right in front of me and I just could not get my act together. I don’t know why I was so freaked out to go run, but the tears were flowing as I laced up my shoes. I haven’t had a meltdown before a run like that since my Leg 14 at Doxa. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

Finally got my ass out the door with Mack. The plan was to run the first half with Mack because he likes going with me, but doesn’t do well with anything longer than three miles. So we headed out. 22mph winds about made me turn around and go back home, but Mack was rarin’ to go! Just before my 2 mile turn around point, it because clear that it was too hot for Mack to be out there running with me, so I called Michelle and she came down and got him and took him home. The just under two miles back home were much easier without him wanting to stop and sniff everything. He normally isn’t a huge “sniffer” so that was weird and irritating. Got home at what should have been the halfway point and peed and changed shirts. I horribly underestimated how warm it was and I was wearing long sleeves and about croaking. All tank topped up, I refilled my water bottles, and headed back out the door – about 7 minutes, which is not too different from what a potty break is going to be during my race. So I guess it was good practice? Maybe?

The second half of my run was brutal. My route took me south, which meant the 22mph wind become a direct headwind instead of coming at me from the side. I was tired! But I kept telling myself that I’ve run this route a thousand times and it was a good route. Mile 6 was HARD. Right about the time I hit it my hips and knee just started throbbing. This was very demoralizing when I got to thinking about how much further a half marathon is from a 10k.

Seven mile run ended up being 6.76. Overall pace of 15:42 min/mile. At the bare minimum I have to shave a full minute off that time for the half marathon (including potty breaks) in order to be within the time parameter requirements. It’s 12 weeks away. I should be able to shave one min/mile off my time in the next 12 weeks. At least, I hope I can. I have to learn how to get out of my head because that is the real obstacle. I REALLY have to build up some endurance. I feel like I have none.

Overall – a successful week. Lots of tweaks to the schedule, but I’ve come to expect that. I plan in great detail so that when things come up (like they always do) I know where and how I can adjust.

Week 1 half marathon training is DONE! Tomorrow we start on Week 2. It’s supposed to be speed work tomorrow, but after my run today, there won’t be a run tomorrow. You know what that means? Readjusting of next week’s schedule in order to get it all in! Such is the story of my life.



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