Three Weeks Strong

Can I get a collective DEEP SIGH!? I survived another week of half marathon training! Whoo Hoo!

Three weeks down. Nine weeks to go. And best of all….this coming up week is my RECOVERY WEEK!!! Recovery week. I get to give my legs a break! This past week has been so hard.

Monday: Hill repeats. Do you know that I actually said, “Oh my god, I’m so glad it’s hill repeats today!!!” Michelle looked at me like I had lost my damned mind and goes, “WHAT???” It was in the 20s. COLD. Heaven’s to Betsy, so cold! Hill repeats are a half hour workout, give or take. So hell, yes, I was glad for hill repeats. Super short, albeit intense, workout. Less time in the cold. More time to clean house. (read: watch Master Class)

Hill repeats went really, really well! After such a sucky suck of a run-turned-walk on Saturday, I really needed a positive workout. And I got it. I felt strong on the hills. I finished my sixth hill and was surprised that I felt like I could have done more. Since I’m making a come-back from an injury, I decided to stick with the plan and not do the extra two repeats that I felt like I could. I have done that before and ended up hurting because of it. Lesson learned. Stick to the plan. Feel positive. Carry on. So that’s what I did. I did not, however do my day 29 yoga practice. I opted instead for a quick 15 minute post-run stretching type yoga. I got in a hurry to be done and I’m not sorry about it. Good workout.

Tuesday: LATE volleyball games suck! However, late volleyball games allowed me to get in two yoga practices to make up for what I missed on Monday, so I was fine with the late game. Crow pose is….interesting. I’ll just leave it at that.

Wednesday: Volleyball again. After my bye last week, and the not so great affects of my weight session on my Saturday run, I gotta say that I was glad to have volleyball instead. Even if it was another late game. Late game meant that I had time to go watch the super moon rise up over the Missouri River. Lunar eclipse in the morning. Super moon in the evening. That’s always a benefit to my little nerd heart. It was also my baby girl’s birthday. Wednesday was a good day.

Thursday: Ah, Thursday! Tempo run! I had an unexpected meeting scheduled for Thursday night at 6:30. I had a 72 minute tempo run scheduled (six 10 minute segments of run with 2 minute walk segments in between). I get off work at 4:30. This leaves not enough time to get home from work, change clothes, and head out the door while still making my 6:30 meeting on time. So I decided I would just run in the morning.


A girl can dream, right?

So I set my alarm for 5:30. For some reason, Mack asked to go out at 5am instead of 6am like normal. I was awake when he came in to get me so I shut my alarm off, let him outside, and crawled back into bed “just for a minute.” I woke up at 7:15. Yeh. That’s pretty much how I roll. So I loaded up my running clothes into my gym bag and brought them to work. I figured I’d get onto the trail more quickly if I left straight from work instead of having to go home first. So I headed out. It was so cold! SO SO COLD! How cold WAS it, you ask?


According to my Garmin, it was 28 degrees. According to my weather app it “felt like” 16 degrees with 12+ mph winds. WAY colder than I like to run outside, but I just cannot bring myself to run on the dreadmill!

Instead of six 10 minute run segments I did four 10 minute run segments. Aside from my lungs wanting to burst from my body because of the cold, I didn’t feel too bad on my run. Got in just over 3 miles, and my run segments were in the 11:05 – 12:30 min/mile area, which is where I wanted them to be. So overall, a VERY good and positive workout. Hard. But good. I got home, changed clothes, headed out the door for my meeting, and never got around to stretching. Friday morning I woke up with what felt like the world’s largest knot right in the back of my calf, so major foam rolling was needed in order to get ready for my run on Saturday.

Friday: Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll. And yoga! A terrific (and much needed) rest day!

Saturday: No run on Saturday. Unfortunately, the calf was NOT working well. It was painful to simply walk. I spent the day stretching, foam rolling, massaging, hot tubbing. Anything I could think of to fix the calf so that I could hopefully get my run in on Sunday. Since my recovery week starts Monday I wanted to get the run in before then!

Sunday: I went back and forth and back and forth about whether I should just go run on Saturday. I about went out despite a pulled calf muscle, but I felt so strongly that I should give it an extra day. With this coming week being recovery I knew that it wouldn’t hurt my Monday run by doing a run on Sunday. However, the weather was supposed to be 30 degrees colder on Sunday. I really struggled with the decision to run Sunday instead of Saturday.

The weather forecast was not lying! It was COLD. Temps were supposed to take a severe dip starting about 1pm so I wanted to be out the door by 11. I made it out by 11:30. Mark was going to head into work since I was heading out for a run (his boss has been sick so he’s been alone in the office and he wanted to get caught up). So we headed off our separate directions. I was going to run the Missouri River bridge and over to the Katy Trail for four miles then back, for a total of eight miles. Best laid plans being what they are, I knew heading over the bridge that I was not going to be going to the Katy Trail. SO WINDY!!! My hope was to get three miles done. A mile in and the wind was so brutal and it was so cold that I could feel my cheeks stinging. They were the only skin on my body showing. I was wrapped up like a ninja. So at the one mile mark I turned around, resigning myself to the fact that I’d have to finish my run on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill so much!

Just as I turned around Mark called me to say that he was heading south to pick up a TV. South, being 115 mile drive. So he wouldn’t be home until dinner. I told him that I was heading home to change into “indoor” workout clothes and then going to the Y to finish my run. We hung up and I headed back to my car. By the time I got home it was flurrying, which is strange because there was no snow in the forecast, not until Tuesday. I didn’t even give it a second thought as I drove to the Y through the flurries. On the treadmill I watched the snow coming down, but not thinking a whole lot about it, except that I wished Mark wasn’t driving so far away with the weather being sucky.

I finished my run and got into the car. The roads were SLICK! It’s less than two miles from my house to the Y and took me almost 20 minutes to get home. I was worried about the roads that Mark would be on. Went back and forth about whether to call or text him. On the one hand, I really wanted him to turn around and come home, but on the other hand, I didn’t want him messing with his phone while driving in the weather.

I got home, did my post-run yoga, and was just getting ready to get in the shower when the garage door opened. Mark walked in shaking his head. There were so many people off the side of the road that he decided to turn around and come home. As we were scrolling through FB while watching the football game later in the evening we saw a MAJOR pile-up on the highway where he would have been travelling had he continued heading south. There are times when we both just shake our heads when we think about the things that could happen. This was one of those times. Glad to say we both survived our Sunday activities.  I didn’t make my eight miles – three miles shy of it – but I got a good workout in and got home safely.

Struggles throughout the week, but overall, I felt strong in most of my workouts. Good week. Three down. Nine to go.

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