Just Me?

It’s all about that data, ’bout that data, ’bout that data.

I’m a data freak. I probably obsess over it far more than is necessary. But…. how do you know how far you’ve come if you have nothing to look back on? How do you know if you’re meeting goals without data?

I track everything.

I analyze everything.

I obsess over EV.R.Y.TH.NG!

It’s a problem, I know. But I’m OK with having this problem. It does, on occasion, cause me moments of stress. Like the other day:

I’m very fortunate in that I have some amazing sisters and an amazing daughter who are in a pretty constant text string of communication. They’re all similar to me. We’re never ALL freaking out at the same time, so it’s the perfect group of women to show my particular strain of insanity.

None of them were shocked at all by my statement. This doesn’t mean there wasn’t a healthy dose of sarcasm in the responses, but shock? No, not at all.

AND NOW – I’m noticing that my heart-rate monitor is not working correctly. After doing a HIIT workout yesterday and the day before I show no intensity minutes, which (according to Garmin) is 122 bpm heart rate or more and I KNOW my heart rate was well within the parameters!

So three days of GOOD workouts and NO INTENSITY MINUTES to show for it and I’m spiraling out of control because there’s no data and I’m not getting credit for working my ass off and and and….

SOMEONE…please tell me it’s not just me!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Just Me?

    • HAH! Me, too. In one of the biggest races I have EVER done, I was a quarter mile into it when I realized I had selected my workout but had not pressed start! That was along two hours of blasting myself for being stupid. 😉

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