It’s A Marshmellow World

When I was a kid (in high school) we always had snow days every winter. It's the way that it was. We'd get FEET of snow multiple times each year. It's something that we always looked forward to. The first snow day of each year Mom would make homemade donuts and hot chocolate. We kids … Continue reading It’s A Marshmellow World


Modern Day Miracle

I stuck to the plan. I didn't let yesterday's head-space send me spiraling into my normal "OH MY GOD I'M NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO WORKOUT FOR REAL AGAIN" mode like I can sometimes do. I took some deep breaths and remembered why I adjusted my plan in the first place. I did yoga … Continue reading Modern Day Miracle


For the first time in a month I am feeling human! I woke up this morning and let the dogs out and it was in the upper 50s/lower 60s and my first thought was, "Ohhhh, it would be a good morning to go on a run!" That is the first time in a month (maybe … Continue reading HUMAN!