It’s Not Me, It’s You

I’m NOT losing my mind. (bold statement)

My Garmin is doing WONKY things! I mentioned the other day that it didn’t seem to be tracking my heart rate correctly, and before you mention the accuracy of a wristband heart rate monitor, let me just say that I KNOW the wristband is not the best way to track heart rate. I’m not looking for 100% accuracy in what my heart rate is doing when I work out. I’m interested in the general idea of what it’s doing. So I want my wristband to give me a general idea.

And it is not.

For example:

Yesterday was actually warm enough to go outside (46 when I got off work) so Michelle and I went for a walk. I snugged up my watch band in hopes of getting a closer reading. And it took 17 minutes for it to even begin to register my increased heart rate. I did a manual reading at the top of the first hill (five minutes into our walk) and it was 118. Heart rate above shows that it didn’t even get above 100 until right around my turn around point.

Of course, it was doing VERY weird things with my elevation monitoring, too, so it’s possible that there is a bit of a bug in my watch.

It’s upside down.

This is what it normally looks like (same route, except the I went straight – non-hilly – to the turn around point instead of the last bit being up a little hill and it’s an extra 5 minutes).

Being a data person, I’m irritated. It’s gotta be in my watch, not my garmin app, so I’m not sure what I really want to do about it. I’m trying to not get too much up in my head about not being able to view completely accurate data. My main annual goals have to do with mileage, number of workouts per week, and time. All of those elements are tracking accurately (based on mileage and time comparisons from previous similar workouts). It’s just those damned intensity minutes. When I got my new vivoactive HR I noticed that intensity minutes were part of what it tracked and I got all excited. And now….

whomp whomp

I’ve only had it since last October. I bought it refurbished, which is how I’ve bought most of my Garmins, and have never had a problem. I guess my luck was bound to run out. I just don’t want to have to buy a new one.

Any thoughts on what I can try to knock its brains back in synch?



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