Something About

There is something about the hands of a grandchild. So tiny. So trusting. So ready to reach out to grab a finger and follow wherever that finger might lead them. I have the most amazing grandchildren who have the most amazing parents, and I get excited to see where their lives will go. What they … Continue reading Something About

Q1 2019 Update

I am happy to say that the first quarter of 2019 has started out exponentially better than the start to 2018. It's amazing how close I can get to my goals when I'm not spending an entire month sitting in a hospital room. Or nursing an injured ankle. Or dealing with other random stressors that … Continue reading Q1 2019 Update

Coming To Terms

You all know how much I love my data. During my workout last night (HIIT), I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to let the "weekly intensity minutes" go. Intensity minutes are figured based on heart rate during an activity. There's a minimum heart rate required to count as "intensity." That number … Continue reading Coming To Terms