When Freak Outs Happen

I would like to think that I’m at the end of my freak outs. I mean, with just a few days to go, what else is there to freak out about. Right?

My two sisters and I have had a non-stop text thread exchange happening for months now. Last week my one sister texted:

Well, of course I have a spreadsheet for my packing list! Why would anyone do anything BUT a spreadsheet for a packing list. So I shared it with the two of them.

There may have been comments in our text thread mocking the fact that I have sunrise/sunset times listed on my spreadsheet. But that’s neither here nor there.

What IS “here or there” is that when I pulled up my spreadsheet to begin my own packing it was….


Let the panic set in! I was going to have to go look up sunrise and sunset times again!!

I immediately texted my sisters freaking out about my packing list being gone! Poor Melissa. She only deals with Excel, not Drive and didn’t realize that the things saves automatically. Her scrambled texts about could she try this or that or the other thing to push all my information back onto my spreadsheet. I took a deep breath, realized that all my formatting and essential race items were still there (because she would need those things, as well), and started recreating my list.

As the day went on and the texts continued, she asked if I was doing shopping for Yellowstone prior to the race, or in the morning before I actually left for Yellowstone. I said that I would be doing it before, and took a screen shot of my shopping list to send to her.


There have been events in our family where the stories have been told over and over and over again. Every get together we takes turns at the “Remember when…..” and we laugh and laugh and laugh. I have warned Melissa that this is going to be one of those time. That I will never let her live down wiping out the most epic of packing lists the world has ever known, and that I would give her crap for this for as long as my memory served me well. So, in theory, not very damned long.

Although, because I’m a very nice sister and don’t want my siblings ever feeling bad about perceived harm they may have caused me, I assured her that my newly recreated packing list was bigger and badder and better than it was before, and I thanked her for forcing me to re-evaluate what I needed on my list.

The biggest, baddest, bestest packing list ever to be created!






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