That’s What She Said

As I have had freak-out after freak-out after freak-out about my upcoming event (can’t call it a race because….well, because that would infer that we plan on winning), my sisters have had to talk me off the ledge, and back into a functional head-space.

One of my first freak-outs came as I was making my training plan. A normal workout plan for me consists of two days of running, two days of volleyball, sporadic weight training, with an occasional bike ride or swim thrown in for good measure. This is a VERY workable schedule for me.

But now? Now I can’t do just “workable” but MUST find time for something more than a recreational bike ride and relaxing swim. I have to do TRAINING for biking and swimming. How? How on earth do I fit all that into a week when my body needs to have two rest days during the week? Cutting out my volleyball is not an option. It is my sanity. It keeps me well rounded and out of my negative head-space.

I was texting with Julie and she assured me that I could totally do a run workout and a bike workout on the same day. “After all, they use completely different muscles.” That’s what she said. “After all, they use completely different muscles.”

Well, I ride fairly regularly. I run very regularly. But there is space between runs and bikes. So my brain says, “It’s the same. You’re using your leg muscles.” But I trust my sister and I did a run then a bike. IN THE SAME NIGHT! Two mile run (random inclines). Then I just hopped on the bike. I felt quite nicely warmed up, and confidently set the level on the bike to 13.

I began peddling.

Suddenly my quads were screaming at me, as though I hadn’t given them the common courtesy of a proper warm up. “Hey lady!! What the hell are you doing!?”

::tap, tap, tap….is this thing on::

“Lady! Hey! Hey! Lady! You’re killin’ me!” My quads were VERY unhappy.

Guess what? My sister said I would use completely different sets of muscles for running and biking.

Turns out, she was right!

Another freak-out averted!

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