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So She Did – Bike

(MIND-NUMBING ALERT - this is LONG!!!!) After finishing (YES, FINISHING) my Leg 14 run that turned into a hike/walk/slodge/crawl, I was spent! Completely and totally spent. Don was feeling MUCH better after his experience during his swim leg, and headed off down Provo Canyon on the bike. I pulled out my yoga mat so that… Continue reading So She Did – Bike

Biking, Health and Fitness, Iron Cowboy, Running, Swimming

One Week

It's done. The training. The planning. The stressing. The freak outs. All of it. Done! One week from today I will be on the course of the Doxa Threelay. Since March 6th: Just shy of 400 miles on the bike. Right at 115 miles of running. Barely 8 miles of swimming. Almost 100 miles of… Continue reading One Week

Biking, Health and Fitness, Iron Cowboy, Running, Swimming

The Taper Effect

Between Ann and my two sisters (the two who are doing the Iron Cowboy with me), I have a pretty good sounding board for all things training related. This coming week is my recovery week, and I always seem to fall apart emotionally during a rest week. I feel like I have this huge event… Continue reading The Taper Effect