Back In The Saddle Again – FINALLY

Happy day. Happy, happy, happy!

When all else fails to pull me out of a funk, I can always count on the wind in my hair, the dust on the trail, and an eventual sore saddle to drag me up and out!

This has been a very bizarre Spring. Winter? Spring? Splinter? Sprinter? Wing? I don’t know what the hell it has been, but it’s been freaking windy and cold. COLD! And it’s April. No! It’s the END of April. I’m normally out on my bike by the end of March at the latest. And here we are – a full month past what is normal.

I’m beginning to think that 2018 is going to be the year that was not normal.

Yesterday it was supposed to rain so I had planned on lifting weights and doing a little yoga. But then it didn’t rain. Like – not at all. And it was close to 70 degrees. So I headed upstairs after I got off work (my husband works upstairs from me) and told him (asked him ever so nicely) to come straight home from work so I could load my bike in the truck and hit the trail. I headed home to check air pressure in the tires, oil the chain, check the brakes (like I ever use them), make sure seat adjustment was correct….all the things that I have to check after not having ridden in for-fucking-ever! I had just put my car into the garage after getting my bike ready to go when my husband pulled into the drive. Perfect timing! An omen for a great ride.

I tossed my bike into the back of the truck and headed out. Happy, happy, happy. Radio cranking. Me, putting on the greatest concert for the drivers around me, thrilled to be heading out for a good ride.

The wind was blowing at a pretty good clip, but I didn’t even care. I would ride into the wind, out of the wind, around and around in circles with the wind and I would be happy doing it. I unloaded my bike, took the required “first ride of the season” selfie, and headed out.

Heaven! It was pure heaven. I headed toward the Governor’s Bench by the river – into the wind. I shot out like a blast but then remembered that I needed to ease into it and warm up my muscles a little before going balls to the wall, so I forced myself to slow down a bit. After doing nothing but walking and yoga, it felt so good to feel some intensity in my quads and feel like I was actually getting a workout in.

Me. My thoughts. The music in my head. The wind in my hair. The smell of newly plowed fields. The sound of squirrels scurrying around in the woods. The song of the birds in the trees. The Redbuds in bloom. The feel of the handle bars. The burn in the quads.


This is exactly what I needed.

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