Finagling a workout plan can be tricky for me during the summer months. Because of my race, I’m not taking to the treadmill when days get hot like I normally do because I need to adjust to running in crazy, ridiculous, insane heat.

However, I’m a wuss when it comes to extreme weather. Be it ultra cold or stupid heat, I tend to head indoors and suffer through the boredom of the dreadmill.

The problems this week (and next):

  1. I normally do my long runs on Saturdays and my long bikes on Sundays. SADLY… this week it’ll be more than ten degrees cooler on Sunday so it makes sense to do my long run then. So I’m going to swap my run and bike days. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. My long run this week is supposed to be five miles. Next week it’s supposed to be eight miles. So it would make sense to do my eight mile run this Sunday when it’s only supposed to be 82 degrees instead of next Sunday when it’s supposed to be 92 degrees.
  3. BUT… yesterday was my first run after being off my knee for a couple of weeks while it healed up from a tweak. SOOO…does it make sense to do eight miles after being off it for two weeks? Or does it make more sense to do eight miles after its had an additional week to feel really good, even though it’ll be a scorcher next week?
  4. AND….IF I swap out distances from this week to next week, will it even matter? I live in Missouri! This means that the 10-day forecast could be completely different by the time next week rolls around.

Scheduling workouts around temperatures that won’t try to kill me is dumb.


What would you do in my shoes? Longer run Sunday on a recently recovered knee, but cooler weather? Longer run the following week on a more fully recovered knee in hotter temperatures? 

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