One Week

It’s done.

The training. The planning. The stressing. The freak outs.

All of it.


One week from today I will be on the course of the Doxa Threelay.

Since March 6th:

  • Just shy of 400 miles on the bike.
  • Right at 115 miles of running.
  • Barely 8 miles of swimming.
  • Almost 100 miles of walking (while dealing with an injury).
  • More than 70 hours in the weight room and on the yoga mat.
  • 8000 minutes worth of cardio workouts (yes, I know the minutes because….SPREADSHEETS!)

I have prepared for this event the best that I know how. Blood, sweat, and many many many tears.

Today I feel calm.

Today I feel prepared.

Today I feel like I can do this.

Today I’m wondering why I have ever doubted that I was capable of participating in such an event.

This weekend I am hanging out with friends off the grid and relaxing. Lounging by the pool or in the lake. Eating good food. Imbibing in a couple of adult beverages (but only a couple because….hydration).

Next week I finalize the packing that started a week and a half ago, and then… I’m off.

I can’t believe it’s time. I feel happy.

Happy and ready.

Let’s do this thing!!


(Edited to add: the mileage and minutes weren’t adding up in my brain so I went back to my spreadsheets and my Garmin. The MILES are from the beginning of the year, NOT the beginning of March. The MINUTES are from the beginning of March. Whew! I don’t want to mislead anyone!)

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