Drumroll, Please

You know that I hate the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, right? I do. I really do. I gave up on making resolutions years ago. This has not, however, stopped me from lining out my fitness and mileage goals for the year. For whatever reason, “goal” and “resolution” are completely separate in my brain. One of them clogs the gym for the first two months of the year. One of them gives you something to strive for. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

After obsessively analyzing my “failed” goals from last year, I have set my 2018 mileage goals.

  • I reviewed my training plan for my half marathon.
  • I looked at ALL THE WORKOUTS from last year.
  • And then I began the “kicking myself” process.
  • Do you know that I had a lot of miles hiking?
  • Do you know that I had some miles of kayaking/canoeing?
  • Do you know that I had some miles of indoor rowing?
  • Do you know that all those things are cumulative miles? Miles THAT I WAS NOT GETTING CREDIT FOR!!!!!

Why on earth am I doing workouts (or activities) that I am not getting credit for? It’s certainly beyond me! After all, isn’t the reason that we remain active strictly for the data that we can analyze inside Garmin?

What? Is that just me?

While going through the number of miles that I should be running between now and my half marathon, plus knowing how close I got to making my more specific run/bike/walk/swim goals from last year, I decided to go with a more generic goal this year. I set the goal to “any activity type” instead of the more restrictive direction I took in 2017. And I determined that I can realistically (but not easily – gotta challenge myself, after all) reach….




I’m thinking….




With a little luck….


And a lot of hard work….




Running. Biking. Swimming. Canoeing. Hiking. Kayaking. Walks with the dog. Paddleboarding (because I REALLY want to try that this year).


Anything that puts miles on me is being counted.


I was just over 200 miles short of this distance last year. I think that by adding in all the activities that I do, and if I push myself a little bit, this is not an unattainable goal.










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