Vibing With Color

Mixed emotions on my color run today. Started off awesome with my wonderful husband and super lovely daughter.


Not too long into our race Michelle started not feeling well. She’s always been horribly susceptible to the heat. Ever since she was a young girl. A day playing outside would leave her puking her guts out all night long. It doesn’t matter how hydrated she stays. It doesn’t matter how much she stays in the shade. We have not figured out the formula to keeping her puke free while playing out in the heat.

When I asked her if she wanted to do the color run with me, she said she had no intentions of running the race. I told her I’d be happy to walk it with her, so she registered.

We were closing in on mile 1 and I could see that she was struggling. We had just got to the first water station so I had her drinking water. I was carrying a bottle with me so I had her drinking my water along the way. I kept asking her if she was doing OK and she said she was. I said, “You don’t look very good.”


A couple feet more and she goes, “I’m not really feeling very well.” So we got her to some shade and she plopped down in the grass. I told Mark to go ahead and continue on and we’d see him at the finish line. She laid there for a couple of minutes and we discussed a plan. If she could make it to the top of the hill there was a building where she’d have some shade and she could wait there for me while I continued on the course. There was an out and back that would come right past the building where we thought she should wait. About that time a couple of ladies stopped by and one of them was a volunteer. They called for the first aid team to come and get her. I stood there waiting for her to be rescued, as did the two nice volunteers. The one lady received a call that the truck was on the way. Michelle said, “I’m fine, Mom, just go and finish your race.”

Mark was 20 minutes ahead of me so I knew I’d never catch him, but I wanted to try and finish the race in less than an hour. The original plan was to complete it under 50 minutes, which is perfectly reasonable when one is walking a 5k. I was well behind the ability to walk it in 50 minutes so I decided to just go ahead and run it. I haven’t run in a month (with the exception of a 2 mile stint on National Running Day) and it actually felt good to just run. Well, I should say it felt good once my damned ankle loosened up.

I passed the finish line at 58 minutes. This was my LEAST stellar race time I’ve ever had. I saw Mark at the finish line and could see that he was looking for me. He didn’t have his phone with him so we had no communication capability. Michelle didn’t have her phone, either, so she couldn’t even tell him where she was. I flagged Mark down as I crossed the finish line and we headed straight over the to medical tent where we found Michelle looking like a very dejected puppy. She gets so mad at herself that she has this over-heating issue and I’m not sure how to help her not feel bad about it. It is just one of those things that is part of her anatomy. She was definitely feeling better when we got there and I think she was happy to see me. We headed to the car and headed home. But not before we took a post-race selfie. We got MESSY!


I feel fairly certain that next year Michelle will be cheering me on from the sidelines.

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